Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes film festival has always been in important milestone for many directors, writers and actors. In recent years however it also seems to always boast an immense amount of talent and skill.

This last batch of Cannes films is no acceptation. And with the announcement of the winners  for this year, I cannot contain my excitement to experience these works of art, because calling these movies seems too simple.

From Diane Krueger in the timely, and devastating terrorism aftermath film, In the Fade, which won her the best actress award, to the best director winning The Beguiled from Sofia Cappola, and the Nicole Kidman continues her juggernaut of a year by starring in several films shown at the festival, Killing of a Sacred Deer (the follow up to the wonderfully quirky The Lobster), The Beguiled, and How to talk to Girls at Parties this year women showed up to play at Cannes.

However, the powerful women that dominated at the film festival need to have their story told within the films as well. A point that Jessica Chastain was adamant about making during her time to speak as a member of the jury. She was unapologetic in demanding that the stories of powerful women continue to be showcased, not as an explanation or backstory to the male protagonist, but as their own story.

I truly believe that the roles of women in the film industry are starting to gain momentum, but it cannot be ignored that Sofia Coppola is only the second female to win Best Director, and only one female has had her film win the Palme D’or, the prestigious award went to Ruben Ostend’s  The Square this year.  As an avid consumer and lover of movies, I look forward to watching each film, from The Florida Project, an examination into poverty and contemporary America, to Good Times a gritty Safdie brothers crime story that promises career best from Robert Pattinson that had him close to the Best Actor award that went to Joaquin Phoenix, a personal indie movie favorite of mine.

All in all I am very excited about seeing all of the selections from Cannes this year, and I hope that the remaining few that have not been picked up for nationwide distribution get scooped up really quickly. As for next year, I hope that in 2018 the selections are filled with female characters that are as compelling and stirring as the women who portray them.


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