Murder on the Orient Express

First, before you read any of this, you must watch the trailer for Murder on the Orient Express. 

Did you watch it all? Good, now lets discuss. This remake of the highly touted 1974 version of the same movie by Sidney Lumet, which one Ingrid Bergman an Oscar is based on the brilliant mystery novel by the one and only Agatha Christy. The cast in 1974 was a great line up featuring Sean Connery, Vanessa Redgrave and Anthony Perkins just to name a few. As great as the original was, this version looks absolutely fantastic, I am predicting several Oscar nominations. At the very least the costume design has got to be a top contender, I am getting all sorts of The Grand Budapest Hotel vibes from these characters. Actually this trailer is so Wes Anderson like that I half expected Tilda Swinton to pop out of nowhere with a monocle and british accent. Ah well, we can only hope.

Though I believe every cast would benefit from Tilda, this one looks very strong on its own. It features an all-star line up with the incomparable Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz, William Dafoe just to name a few of the absolute gems. Of course the cast also features some great newer talents in Daisy Ridley, Josh Gad and of course Leslie Odam Jr. of Hamilton fame.

The cast, direction by Kenneth Branagh (who I believe is also portraying the greatest detective in the world), and the design so far set this adaption to be one of the most anticipated films for the award season.


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