He Came for the Jazz

Well let me tell you, I know many young millennials like myself only have streaming sites and have opted to cut the cable cord to broadcast television, but that causes some serious gaps in show content. Yes, I am in fact saying that all good entertainment is not on Netflix or HBO.


I missed the two-day season premiere of AMC’s Preacher due to visiting such a friend. So now I am catching up with season 2 in true millennial fashion, I am watching it online. And let me tell you season 2 starts off with a killer (pun intended) scene featuring the inspired song choice of “Come On Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. From there the tone is set for an amazing sophomore season.

The first episode introduces us to the power of our main antagonist, The Saint of Killers. It also gives us a glimpse into a sense of hubris in Jesse that was always just below the surface but is fully realized with his abuse of Genesis. The premiere episodes tease more baddies for this season including the mysterious man in white. Along with the villains it also presents some friends, such as Mike (moment of silence for Mike), the gruff preacher with a unique way of helping his parishioners deal with their vices.

The second episode which has wonderful thematic choices that remind me of classic horror films, especially that glimpse of the Saint’s silhouette in the dust and his scream during the title sequence. The Saint of Killers moniker is right on the nose, let me tell you, the body count is impressive. Episode two gives an introduction to the amazing Ganesh, none other than our fallen angel Fiore, a shell of himself since the Saint killed DeBlanc. A favorite scene of mine is a montage with the invincible angel trying to off himself in increasingly violent suicide attempts, scored in tongue-in-cheek style with Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life“. The second episode, in addition to having some marvelous character depth for our trio, also features some very fun Barry Sonnenfeld-esque set design to cap off the whole thing.

And true to form there are plenty of strange moments in both episodes: including an Instagram addict being held in a cage, Tulip casually bludgeoning a man to death with a pink, heart-shaped timer, and a moment between Cassidy and Fiore that features an Archie comic book reading session. I mean, classic stuff right?

Throughout both episodes the bloody, vitriolic images and language mixed in with the  goofy and black humor of Preacher remains its strongest ally in setting it apart from other slasher shows such as AMC’s other hit, “The Walking Dead.” The black comedy goldmine of Evan and Seth is what makes this show extremely entertaining despite all the gore. The second season is full-speed ahead and doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon. And ultimately, much like the jazz, that is what is going to make me keep coming back for more. Preacher airs on Monday 9/8 central on AMC.





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