Preacher Ep. 3 : Damsels

Preacher episode 3 is is aptly titled Damsels. As in Damsels in Distress, of which there are many. From the very first scene which explains Eugene’s famous dominating facial feature in agonizing detail and playbacks, we know Eugene is still in trouble. How wonderful to finally see Ian Colletti’s real face?!  Actually forget trouble, we remember that Eugene is in hell. That font is such a subtle reminder. As is the prison like atmosphere, a refreshing change from all the fire and brimstone caricatures in other adaptions of the underworld. Eugene is definitely our first damsel in distress.

The next damsel is Tulip. The mysterious Victor seems determined to even a score with Tulip.  She is pretty adamant about not going to New Orleans, she even goes so far as to diss the jazz Jesse is playing, Walk to the Peak is apparently God’s favorite song. The details are hazy, mostly because Tulip is equally determined to keep that part of her past a secret. Cassidy, in a wonderful scene that exercises another emotion other than comic relief for Joseph Gilgun, demands she let him know so she can stop treating him like “an idiot irish sidekick”. A wonderful bit of meta-humor right there. Whether or not she tells him is left ambiguous, but the future does not look good for Tulip in New Orleans.

Our final damsel is a bit of a spoiler. The beautiful singer Laura is a jazz singer that might just know the whereabouts of God, or does she? As soon as she tells him to meet her outside, he saves her from some mysterious masked men in white suits* .  She tells Jesse a story about another man that came looking for God and gets him to show her Genesis. Jesse believes he is a hero that has just saved this damsel in distress, but in true crime noir fashion, this femme fatal is not all she appears to be. She is working for the men in white suits! We get a wonderful glimpse at a favorite preacher villain, Herr Starr. Another fun sneak peak is the Jesse Custer file that gets placed just under another file with the name Pig on the tab. Curiouser and curiouser.

Episode 3 was a slower pace when compared to the first two episodes, but that allowed the storyline to breath a little more and expand the quiet moments. I am very much looking forward to  some of the questions proposed in this episode to be answered down the line in the remaining 10 episodes of Preacher. Preacher airs on AMC on Monday nights 9/8 c.

*hello big bad


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