Preacher Ep. 4: Viktor

First of all, this episode has one of Seth Rogen’s favorite fight scenes of all the episodes. Also, every fight scene from now on should be set to “Uptown Girl” NO CONTEST. That is the only comment I feel prepared to make about that glorious scene.

The fourth episode of “Preacher”, Viktor, centered on a much smaller storyline than the past episode. Yes, the search for god is still on, but the main storyline is centered on Tulip and her mysterious relationship with Viktor. It also gives us a look at the relationship between Jesse and Cassidy, which seems tenuous when compared to the tag team duo they seemed to be when they first met. I sense Tulip becoming more and more of a wedge between them, as this season goes on. Eugene shows up in his grim, gray hell. Poor kid. But an interesting note is that someone is missing from hell, maybe they are onto Saint, or maybe it is someone worse. This is “Preacher” so anything could happen. But for now let’s talk about what happened in this episode.

Tulip has been discovered by Viktor, a crime boss that gives off some serious Godfather vibes. Viktor is the typical intimidating bald gangster type, so that does not bode well for Tulip. Meanwhile Jesse and Cassidy are still on the hunt for God, although the latter is more concerned with Tulip. Jesse is sure she is just off “being mad at him somewhere.” While this conversation is going on between Jesse and Cassidy there is a commercial playing in the background. Cassidy see’s the angel who played god during the heaven call on the Katrina aid commercial, apparently he is a local actor.

Tulip seems to know every single person in the giant house that Victor’s entire gang seems to live in, but she is getting the cold shoulder from every burly, leather clad thug.  And the reaction from Victor’s young daughter is especially disconcerting, complete with  spit and a death wish, they grow up so fast. Tulip seems frightened out of her mind, but looks can be deceiving…

Jesse seems too preoccupied with the audition tape and the mysterious events surrounding it, but Cassidy finally tells him about Victor. And Jesse goes all genesis on everybody’s ass and honestly, it’s a little terrifying. Not to mention that should lead to you-know-who finding them! After Jesse fights his way to Tulip, he get’s another type of gut punch. Hint Victor is not who he seems, and apparently neither is Tulip.

Eugene is having a hard time in hell, well harder than he should considering his hell is malfunctioning. My theory is that it is because 1) Eugene DOES NOT belong in hell and 2) Jesse attempted to bring him out of hell. The warden explains the history of hell and its issue of overcrowding and underfunding (really hitting the nail on the head with the prison metaphor).  In a strange turn of events the biggest baddie in the prison hell is Justin Prentice’s Tyler, not Hitler. This seems especially relevant if Prentice’s past work as Bryce in “13 Reason’s Why” had anything to do with the casting decision.

This episode had some really cool moments amid all the twists. There’s a cameo by Frankie Muniz who wants everyone to know that he is NOT homeless.  There is also a reference to “Game of Thrones” because that show is not talked about enough, clearly. I mean while writing this review I have seen the “GOT” season 7 commercial at least four times. I enjoyed this episode, but if I am being honest I am looking forward to some Saint of Killers action soon. So here’s to next weeks episode of “Preacher” on AMC, Monday 9/8C.



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