Preacher Ep. 5 : Dallas

Dallas starts off where Viktor left off, and unfortunately where we left Viktor.  Jesse is hellbent on killing Viktor after learning that he is married (WHAT???) to Tulip. Nothing seems to calm Jesse down though, genesis is in complete control. He even breaks his promise to Tulip and uses it on her, Not Good Jesse!!

We also get a flashback to Dallas and the moment when Carlos (remember poor Carlos) left Jesse and Tulip after the bank robbery goes south and she loses her baby. That was a defining moment in their relationship, and not for the better. That tragedy did not necessarily make them stronger as a couple, and while Tulip seems to be better, Jesse kind of fell apart in Dallas. We also see a familiar face in Danny, the friend who sets up “jobs” re: crimes for Jesse and Tulip, but they are adamant that they are done with that life.

In a sad, yet touching scene, we see Jesse and Tulip trying to get pregnant again. This is a type of scene we don’t get to see much in “Preacher” although it is in a flashback so it makes sense they would squeeze in a some more emotional storylines . Back to present day, Jesse is just chilling.

Cassidy gets to bond with Victor’s daughter (funny because Joseph Gilgun does not really like child actors). He also gets yelled at by Tulip, which I believe is entirely unfair because he honestly thought that Tulip was in real danger. This is of course in thanks to Tulip’s deep seated trust issues. Speaking of which, Jesse possibly killing Viktor is not going to make that much better.

But, true to form Jesse is the jealous boyfriend your friends always warn you about. And when he isn’t crazy jealous Jesse he is his alter ego, depressed, drunk, bad hair Jesse. So honestly, this episode does not show the best of Jesse Custer. It is nice to see some more backstory of Jesse and Tulip’s past, even if it is very depressing. We get to understand what being an O’Hare means to Tulip and what being a Custer means to Jesse.

We finally get to see some more of Cassidy’s wit, charm and “considerable wisdoms”. About damn time guys. It is coupled with some sadness over his unrequited love for Tulip, and the absolute deadpan hate coming from Jesse. And he really needs to come up with a better insult than “lying, junkie vampire.” Cassidy himself comes up with some better insults. He also presents a new manipulative side that seems to egg on Jesse’s anger and violent tendencies despite the ultimatum from Tulip. That, I truly did not expect. In fairness, Cassidy was expecting something else from this episode too.

This episode did not really deal with the present timeline concerning their quest, but it was nice flashback episode that filled in some character depth. Again, I am ready for the storyline to move forward. The last two past episode have not had a lot of forward momentum, but they were still enjoyable episodes. Preacher returns next Monday 9/8 central on AMC.


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