Preacher Ep. 6: Sokosha

“Say your prayers Preacher.”  Well my prayers were answered in this latest episode of AMC’s Preacher.

I have to start off by acknowledging that though the last couple of episodes, Dallas and Viktor kind of dragged, this episode of Preacher finally edged back toward the pace that season 2 began with, Literally.

The episode Sokosha starts off with a typical Preacher scene. A cold open on a scene that quickly turns into a creepy, strange situation that is not explained in the least and is treated as normal by all individuals involved. And the most cryptic is a mysterious man cutting a dashing figure in a blue suit, but clearly up to something sinister and devious.

Do we finally get some much deserved answers to some of our burning questions, like who is Dennis and how does Cassidy know an old,cranky French dude? (Yes the answer is a tear-jerking yes we should for sure return to in future episodes!) Who are the white-suited Crypto-fascists, and does Jesse have the hots for Laura? Sadly, we don’t get many answers in this episode. We also don’t get many Cassidy scenes, something the next episodes should remedy because he is just the best.

But you know what we do get? The Saint of Killers! That’s right McTavish in all his bad-ass stoicism is here to collect, and he doesn’t really care who he has to go through to find the Preacher.

But, now the hunter is also becoming the hunted, The gang goes to a library (a direct parallel to another ~magical~ trio that went to the library for answers) and we get a neat montage of their research on the Saint of Killers, featuring some very iterations of the Saint of Killer’s story including; comic book illustrations, a children’s book version and a bleak graphic novel. Throughout the montage we hear the story of the man turned myth turned cautionary tale via a lovely voiceover from an audio book, “American Psychopaths” (the next chapter is Dick Cheney LOL).

An unlikely partnership is struck between Jesse and the Saint, all he needs is one little soul. He goes to a voodoo shop, naturally, but it seems technology is evolving , even the soul selling business, and of course Japan is on the cutting edge with a company adorably called “Soul Happy Go Go” in true anime-like fashion.  Cue that handsome man in the blue suit.

Jesse cuts it close with the soul-saving (even if it cost him a bit of his own). He is able to keep his deal with the Saint and discovers why genesis was unable to work on the Saint of Killers, but his deal to send him to heaven hits a snag. I’m sure we will see how the loss of 1% of his soul will affect Jesse and those around him, but for now it seems the rest of his soul is well with sinking the Saint back down into the depths of hell.

I am very excited by the direction of this episode of Preacher and what is coming next on episode seven which airs on Monday  9/8 central on AMC.






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