Preacher Ep. 7 Pig

Not gonna lie, I think Seth Rogan and company watched Okja recently because Pig started off with a magic, floating pig in a foreign jungle vibe.

So after checking out literally the last jazz club in New Orleans Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip are ready to relax and have some fun. Predictably, this involves guns, shooting Cassidy and stealing. Cassidy and Tulip kiss in one of the most dramatic, over the top kissing scenes ever, like a literal Italian opera song is being sung in the background. Of course that kiss, even if it was a part of a scheme, might lead to some trouble for Jesse and Tulip. Speaking of Tulip, she has been acting odd since the Saint of Killers grabbed her by the throat and almost killed her (personally I say give the girl a break she has been through a lot).

Cassidy gets to bond with Dennis and finally gets to have a conversation (via a rando french professor) with his son! (Yes, Son sorry if that spoils anything, but you really should be caught up on this show by now). Dennis is dying of heart disease, and he wants Cassidy to make him live forever. Now before it gets all Vampire Diaries up in here, Cassidy refuses to give the burden of immortality to his son.  He has been an awful, selfish father but he is determined to at least do this right. Dennis states he will hate him until he dies. Talk about a strange take on the rebellious father,son relationship cliche.

We learn more about Starr, the man in white, and his background, and his interesting body piercing(!!). We finally learn that the group is called the Grail. They for sure take a page from the another mysterious white clothed extremist group, the Guilty Remnant from The Leftovers. ICONIC.

In ANOTHER wonderful score choice, a twisted version of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” plays while some recruits compete for a spot on the Grail team. Starr is a clear leader and a ruthless killer, more on that in a sec. He wins and is admitted into the Grail, this ancient organization has a holy purpose. Starr is to be the right hand man, but he can’t be second fiddle to the boss man so in an iconic scene he kills him and like any true villain sits down in a black, swivel office chair.

Meanwhile, Tulip is dealing with some serious shit. She goes back to the bar where men shoot each other in kevlar vests, and gets shot at to deal with her twisted Saint of Killers dreams. Cheaper than therapy right?

Jesse, ever dogmatic about his mission, finds a street preacher to talk about the end of the world. They reference Tom Cruise exploding circa season 1, the Cubs winning the world series, the Trump presidency and other wrath of God examples to verify the end of the world. I mean, it is a strong argument. The end better come soon though because the Grail and Starr are coming for Jesse.

Preacher airs on Monday at 9/8 central on AMC.


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