Preacher Ep. 7: Holes

The eighth episode of Preacher is titled Holes, and by design or not, that’s what I found. I felt that this episode was a little bit too scattered from the start. It introduced too many storylines in the episode. Between Dennis dying, Tulip going insane from sleep deprivation, all the juicy drama in hell and Jesse like a dog with a bone searching for God, there was A LOT going on!

Personally, the best part of this episode for me was the exploration into Cassidy’s past. Gilgun does a beautiful job on his pensive monologue about the downsides of being a vampire,  the boredom and loneliness of everyone you care about dying. And leaving Cassidy alone all over again. This insight explains how him refusing to turn his son is the most loving act he has ever done for him. The episode bookends beautifylly with a scene of Cassidy singing a highly inappropriate Irish drinking song to his son when he is a newborn and as he lays dying as an old man.

Meanwhile in hell Eugene is having a rough time, as one would. He is punished in a particularly twisted, albeit wickedly entertaining way. He revisits the moment Tracy shot herself, but there seems to be a happy ending, and when Eugene and Tracy started singing “Closing Time” I almost thought he had made it out of hell. But no. Poor Eugene he thinks he gets a happy ending and then it just gets much, much worse. And honestly, I had to change the channel for this scene. It was one of the most cringe-worthy scenes so far of Preacher. And trust me there are a lot of scenes that make that list.

If the aim of this episode was to fill in the “holes” for the other characters, mainly Eugene and Cassidy, it did the job. Other than that the episode didn’t explore new ground for Tulip or Jesse. Tulip is still restless and fighting the Saint of Killers in her dreams. The effects of her sleep deprivation are beginning to show. Jesse is still searching for God, and the white suits are still searching for him. Fun bit of dramatic irony in the Grail Industries commercial behind Jesse while he is waiting for the audition tape to be analyzed so he can finally have another lead on finding God. Sadly Jesse does not get the big lead he is looking for, and has to live to search another day.

Preacher airs on Monday nights at 9/8c on AMC.




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