Preacher Ep. 9: Puzzle Piece

Wow, this season of Preacher feels long, and not in a good way. But the new insight into Grail Industries seems to give season 2 a much needed jolt of adrenaline.

Even Herr Starr, leader of the “most powerful organization in the world” seems bored by the trio, as he orders the Grail to “kill them all” with a nonchalant brush off. Sadly, I too am getting a little tired of the current Preacher dynamic. Luckily the Grail Industries are here to provide a little recognizant, Zero Dark Thirty action to jolt us awake. This was a very, very cool scene that culminated in an appearance by Dennis THE MF-ING VAMPIRE. It provided some much needed cinematic tension in place of all the petty character tension.

Another weird and yet insightful scene is Herr Starr bonding with his date and their shared existential crisis. Ah Preacher you odd little show, what twisted scenes will you come up with next. Although I have to say whole prostitute thing did not seem like a plot point they had to keep stressing so much, I mean mention it once and move on seriously, even with the gender twist it was an unnecessary scene.

Jesse is in full on attack mode and has used his power to hire an entire police force, so they seem more prepared for the white suits, but I it may be futile. Especially in light of this BRAD everyone keeps talking about. Jesse and Cassidy have a mini war meeting, interrupting a tender, black humor filled moment between father and and his newly vampire-ed elderly son. Naturally.

Speaking of tender moments, Jesse trying to help Tulip made me tear up. They are both in helpless situations, but Tulip’s is especially heartbreaking given the destabilizing effects of her terrifying dreams. Not limited to delusions strong enough to warrant some Tulip level violence.

One thing this season has consistently done right is a fight scene set to music (well not much of a fight scene as a grappling scene, but its still done very well)! And Dennis’ opera music is no exception. The song is a more common choice than the other songs this season, but sometimes you can’t go wrong with a classic. And the image of all the cops trying to wrestle the red herring “BRAD” to the ground was hilarious. Of course BRAD turns out to be much more “nuclear” than a drunk man, unfortunately for Harry Connick Jr.

All in all this episode was good due to Herr Starr and his two bombs; the Battle-Ready Remote-Operated Aerial Drone (B.R.A.D) that destroyed Harry Connick Jr.’s house and the one he dropped on Jesse at the bar “I hear you’ve been looking for God Preacher, perhaps I can help.”  BOOM.

The final four episodes of Preacher will air on Mondays 9/8c on AMC.


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