Get Ready for Get Shorty


The EPIX original series Get Shorty is based off of the novel of the same name by Elmore Leanard. It was also adapted into a feature length film by Barry Sonnenfield in 1995 starring John Travolta and Gene Hackman. So in other words, big shoes to fill. But the new faces are pretty impressive in their own right.

In the lead role of Miles Daly, the reluctant muscle for a Nevada crime ring, is fan favorite Chris O’Dowd. Chris is a personal favorite of mine from his days on the cult classic The IT Crowd. Then he went closer to his irish roots in the semi-autobiographical series Moone Boy. This was given critical acclaim and earned major accolades. Now he is back stepping into a new role. Miles is a reluctant criminal at best, and a budding film freak at best. I can relate. (JK, I’m not that into film).

Daly finds a movie script at after a particularly ugly confrontation. Oh yea, this show is NOT shy about violence, but luckily it will attempt to balance it with humor. The script get’s a little blood on it, but other than that he thinks its his chance to “make it” in Hollywood. He then proceeds to take it to a shady film producer, Rick Moreweather. In the film Hackman played the producer, a straight man type. In the EPIX series. Ray Romano of Everyone Loves Raymond fame steps into the role with a little bit more sketch. From the trailer and pictures alone, I am very much looking forward to meeting this producer with spiked up hair, leopard print clothing and a layer of grease on him that is just so much fun!!

Although critics have said that this series has a lot of live up to, I hope that they make it their own. The comedic genius of O’Dowd and Romano should be very impressive together as they both excel in deadpan and sarcasm. My speciality. The ensemble cast (mostly newcomers or lesser known actors YAY) should back them up well in the 10 episode season. I will be reviewing the season in total once the last episode airs. This is for two reasons: 1. it will be much easier to form a fair opinion if I watch all of it in one go and 2. this airs the same time as Game of Thrones so I kinda need to pick my battles until next Sunday is over.

So heads up for my full review in a couple weeks! And check it out for yourself on EPIX.


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