A twenty something’s first viewing of Sex and the City

I recently decided to watch HBO’s popular late-nineties to early aughts comedy series: Sex and the City. I want to keep a running journal of sorts on watching the series as a young woman who hopes to one day be having sex in a city.

I will be doing this by season, and am currently watching the first season. I have to say –– the comedy holds up, the misogyny of Mr. Big? Does not. Maybe I am being presumptuous, but I think Carrie definitely deserves way better. I realize it’s the first season and character arcs can do remarkable things, but I am not hopeful.

He’s not the real point of the show though, the real magic is the friendships of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte that inspired countless women to look around at their friend group and ask, “Am I a Carrie or more like a Miranda?”  The wonderful, infectious fun of this show is the brashness, the audacious thought that women can be messy, sexy, glorious, powerful, intelligent, petty, and single all at the same time.

The women speak frankly about their sexual exploits and adventures in the wild city of New York. I find it to be a fun, glittering show that celebrates female friendships and going through all the complications of life together. There are some aspects that are bound to be outdated (definitely already picking up on some sexism) but the things that bond women together will not change, and that is worth the viewing alone.

Soooo, stay tuned for my next column.


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