Sex and the City Season 2

The second season of Sex and the City was just pure fun. Season 1 ended with Carrie breaking it off with the emotionally unavailable Mr. Big after he fails on yet another commit, letting Carrie meet his mother as not “a friend.” Personally, I was cheering for Carrie to end it with him.

So where does that leave Carrie and her friends in Season 2? Well the first episode was great, showing a cutely buzzed Carrie asking the new New York Yankee on a date. Although, who does she see later that night, but Mr. Big himself. The second season really dives deep into whether or not Carrie is over Mr. Big. Along the road to recovery she dates a few people, a filmmaker, and an author but she eventually finds her way back to Mr. Big.

Meanwhile, Miranda meets a cute bartender in the form of sweet, goofy Steve. They have complications about schedules, money pressures, and statuses in their relationship. Charlotte also has some adventurous dates, including one memorable episode where they head to the Hamptons and she dates a shall we say ~younger~ guy who gives her a bad case of the crabs. Samantha uses the season to fulfill some fantasies of her own and even encounters a Mr. Cocky that, well lives up to the name.

The real story arc, per usual was that of Carrie. Carrie does find her way back to Mr. Big and things are going well, but then he drops a bomb on her… he is moving to Paris for six months. This results in a huge fight where each of them is embarrassed, but Big ends it at usual with his phobia of letting Carrie in. This is a consistent storyline for them, she gives it all and he can never give her a place in his life. In fact, in a particularly cruel twist of fate Carrie and Mr. Big have another one of their classic meet-cutes but he brings along his 25-year-old fiancée, Natasha.

Mr. Big can commit it seems, just not to Carrie. The seasons ends with one of Carrie’s strongest character moments, she wishes him well and plays off of one of the women’s favorite movies “How we Were” She tells him Natasha is a “lovely girl” and when he says he doesn’t get it, she confidently tells him that he never will and he never did. As she walks away from Big, you can’t help to imagine that he might be having second thoughts about his engagement with, his young bride to be. That was a wonderful confident moment for our heroine, but sadly I know that this story arc is far from over.

On to Season 3 and more misadventures from Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte.


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